Important questions for person who wants to improve himself

Вопросы арт questions art

Questions and answers You cannot get the right answers unless you ask the right questions. Lie to me. Question and answers play a key role in the theoretical knowledge of oneself and the world. Questions and answers consist of the cognitive part of work on oneself, which is a key work for understanding oneself. When …


Dharma – the eternal path of the living being

Дхарма - вечный путь живого существа. Dharma

Dharma If you were interested in Eastern philosophy, then you should have heard the word “Dharma”, used in different meanings. This word seems one-sided, but it has many meanings, which we will analyze and combine this concept into one definition, as far as possible. To understand this word will be extremely useful for those who …


Varna – how to define your varna and destination?

Варна, варна, varna, Varna

Varna Varna is the definition of a certain psychotype of a person, according to which a certain activity will be more suitable for him. In total there are 4 types of Varna: Brahmins are scholar. Kshatriyas are warriors. Vaishyas are businessmen. Sudras are workers. This system has a hierarchy: Brahmin-Kshatriya-Vaishya-Sudra. Varna or the psychotype of …


Warrior’s purpose – fighting. What does it mean to be a warrior?

предназначение воина, warrior's purpose

Warrior’s purpose The word kshatriya (warrior) itself consists of two words: kshat and trayate. Kshat is “harm” and trayate is “liberation”. Thus, the word warrior carries the meaning of the liberator from danger, harm and all sorts of attacks, whether it is war or cataclysm. The warrior’s purpose is to protect weaker people from all …