Warrior’s path – how to become a warrior?

Many people pursue the goal of realizing their inner beliefs and aspirations through actions, deeds, and the chosen path of life. One of the most difficult, but at the same time the most worthy paths is the path of the warrior. On the warrior’s path, a person reveals and implements his will, changing both himself and the environment, and the whole world, leaving behind a worthy legacy. The desire to follow the path of the warrior comes from within everyone, whose nature is inherent in the desire for victory and superiority, which is reflected in the need to follow this path. Only by following this path, it is possible to open all your possibilities and find worthy results of your work. External causes are always secondary and not so important for those who sincerely strive to follow the path of the warrior, the results of work will easily come by themselves. But it should be remembered that the path of the warrior is the path of will, aspiration and strength not so much external as internal. Anyone can have a strong body, but to have a strong spirit is to be chosen.

The way of the warrior – what is it?

The basic principle of martial arts is to attack without thinking about life and death. If the opponent does the same, he and you are worth each other. In this case, the outcome of the match is decided by the strength of the spirit and fate.


The warrior’s path is reflected in dangerous and extreme cases.

Such cases are:

  • military affairs
  • martial arts
  • protection of society from criminals
  • rescue of people from extreme situations
  • restoration of justice

All these things require the greatest self-sacrifice, heroism and courage. The path of the warrior is revealed most strongly in the ability to sacrifice oneself for the sake of others, for the sake of the good lies true courage. However, this does not always manifest itself in the willingness to give up life and freedom, although this is necessary. The warrior’s path is not limited to these activities, although it is most clearly manifested there.

The path of a warrior is a way of overcoming oneself, one’s weaknesses and undesirable qualities, which are reflected in actions, words and thoughts. A warrior should always have a personal goal. And the complexity of this goal is determined by the glory that the warrior receives from its execution. Chicken hunting and rhino hunting are two different goals. In ancient times, it was believed that the rhinoceros is one of the most dangerous animals and the very willingness to go to him caused respect and served as an indicator of courage. Although hunting is unlikely to surprise anyone now, the principle has been preserved. The bigger the beast – the greater the glory. The greater the goal a warrior pursues on his way, the more he will be rewarded and the stronger he will become.

The most common goal of warriors is to become the best in their own business, to overcome everyone and stand on the podium. This aspiration reflects the basic qualities of a warrior such as:

  • determination
  • courage
  • seriousness
  • willpower
  • readiness for competition and difficulties the
  • desire to win

Every warrior has a desire to win, because the success of a warrior lies either in the fact that he won, or in the fact that it was an extremely difficult task to defeat him. The warrior who does not become a serious opponent does not cause respect, while a worthy fight causes respect in the heart of the opponents. Therefore, the warrior’s path is determined by reaching the peak of his abilities, despite various difficulties and obstacles. The peak of opportunities, skills and strength of spirit should be achieved in a certain area, which is chosen in order to achieve perfection in it. Undoubtedly-it must be something where you can win, prove your superiority, because the path of a warrior is built from victories, and ends in defeat.

Victory can manifest itself in different ways, whether it is a victory over a person in battle, a victory over a disaster, that is, saving the lives of other people, a victory over the system in upholding justice and establishing order. Without victories, it is impossible to determine whether a warrior’s path is successful or not. Victory is success, only victories give a true warrior peace and a sense of inner triumph. Victories are a reflection of the seriousness of the warrior, it is the result of his sacrifices that he made on this path and the patience with which he walked it every day. Defeat is an indicator of carelessness, frivolity and lack of complete dedication to this path. And without complete dedication, victory is impossible.

What is necessary on the warrior’s path?

On the path of a warrior, it is enough to be a warrior and remain one until you reach your goal. The achievement of success on the path of a warrior is determined by the presence or absence of important qualities in a person, in which the nature of a warrior is manifested. The two most important qualities are: willpower and the desire to win.

The desire to win directs you to the path and forces you to strive to achieve success, making every possible effort. Willpower makes it possible to realize this desire. These two qualities aimed at the goal are the guarantee of achieving triumph. And although these qualities are the most important, it is important to understand that the path of a warrior is a dangerous and tough path, and in order to decide to fully follow it, other qualities are also needed. These qualities can be:

  • heroism
  • perseverance
  • patience
  • determination
  • discipline
  • endurance
  • purposefulness
  • seriousness
  • fearlessness

These qualities will determine whether a person is able to stick to his goal and devote his life to it or not. The inability to give your life for your goal is the main reason for the inability to achieve success. And here we are not talking about death, but about how life should be for this path.

It is easier to die than to follow this path, and therefore a true warrior is not afraid of death, since death is not the most terrible outcome in battle. It may also be that the daily dedication to your own path gives you such a strong sense of life that the fear of death recedes before it. Or perhaps it is also because the strong desire to win dominates the fear of death and death becomes only part of the path devoid of defeat. In any case, the path of the warrior is an extremely rare example of how the will to live, to win, and the inner strength can destroy any fear of death, and with it realize the fullness of life. Fearing for your life is not the way of a warrior. A warrior is born to die in battle. Not being ready for this is a weakness that will break in the most difficult moment.

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The warrior’s path is quite demanding, since the refusal to constantly commit yourself to him means the possibility of losing. To give up full initiation means to prioritize something higher than this path. The greatest temptation is the pleasures in which glory, power, and heroism perish. One who is attached to the possibility of enjoying is not able to give up his life and follow this path without fear. Therefore, it is especially important for a warrior to be wary of temptations that will lead him not only to loss of abilities, but also to dishonor. The very fact that a person has condemned himself to shame-speaks of his frivolity, intemperance and inner fracture in following his path.

The warrior’s path – how to achieve success?

Success on this path is always determined by victory, both external and internal. And although external victory, victory over people, circumstances, and enemies is a source of glory and proof of superiority, it is important to realize that external victory is preceded by internal victory. Victory over yourself, victory over weaknesses, temptations and inability to go further. Defeat on the inside means a quick defeat on the outside, and the offense that a person commits by going off the path will be the cause of his fall and defeat. And for a warrior, there is hardly anything worse than defeat.

Study hard all your life. Every day you become more skilled than you were the day before, and the next day you become more skilled than you are today. Improvement has no end.


To succeed, you should acquire the necessary qualities to win and get rid of unwanted ones. Support the process of acquiring the necessary skills and strength to achieve your goal, as well as persevere towards it. Inner victory gives you the opportunity to win from the outside, victory over yourself gives you the opportunity to win over others. Winning over yourself means applying constant willpower to become better, stronger, and more capable. In order to win. This involves giving up what weakens a person, makes him more vulnerable and undermines his will. Here we are talking about various pleasures and intemperate lifestyle. Women, alcohol, excessive addiction to money destroys the desire to win and willpower, because they begin to be dominated by low aspirations that do not allow them to follow this path.

On the one hand, you don’t need to do too much to succeed: just set a goal, become stronger, and maintain your strength by giving up various sources of weakness. An external defeat only indicates a lack of skill or seriousness. Internal defeat can indicate both a lack of willpower and a desire for victory, and the fact that a person is simply not a warrior. It is impossible to become a warrior, and it is impossible to imitate it, just as a branch cannot imitate steel. An ordinary person, whose nature is not that of a warrior, is likely to break down quickly enough, drop his hands, abandon the goal, and be completely satisfied with small victories, glorifying himself for them. A true warrior should set goals on the edge of their capabilities, because this is the only way to become stronger and push the limits of their capabilities.

To achieve success on the warrior’s path, it is enough to be a full-fledged warrior with full dedication to this path. A true warrior takes pleasure in his path, and for him to follow it is a natural consequence of his will and call, in the satisfaction of which happiness is found.

What does it mean to be a warrior?

To be a warrior means to have the innate nature of a warrior and to follow this nature, applying the will both to realize it and to give up other paths and various temptations. Being a warrior means constantly becoming stronger, better, freer in your path and winning victories, first of all over yourself. The internal victory determines and determines the external one, and the external one is the proof of the correctness of the path. Therefore, to be a warrior is first of all to be a warrior within yourself, in your heart. Voluntarily go to your goal and voluntarily sacrifice for it.

People with material interests have no sense of duty in their hearts. And those who have no sense of duty do not value their honor.


However, if a person is not a warrior – it is very strongly recommended that they give up this path and find themselves for real. So many people view this path as a source of respect, honor, fame, money, and pleasure. They see it as a tool, not a goal. In this case, it is better to give up and go about your business. Such a path can bring no good and success to anyone except the warriors. You should really look into yourself and ask “Am I ready to give everything for my goal?”, meaning the path of a warrior. If the response is to feel doubt, reluctance, fear-this is a sign that refusal will be a reasonable decision and the first step towards both realizing your true nature and achieving happiness.

One should really question the necessity of following this path. Seriously and deeply think about this question only once and then give yourself the answer “yes “or”no”. As already mentioned, doubts, reluctance, fears, fears, uncertainty and other signs of uncertainty are a strong indication of the need to think again and most likely come to a refusal. Many people, due to the desire for honor, power and the location of the majority, can take this path, but this is strictly forbidden for those who are not really a warrior. Firstly, it will just break you, and secondly-it will take your time and a huge amount of effort. Therefore, if you feel an inner need to do something else, devote yourself with the same determination to it. The way to achieve harmony is always to follow your path with a sincere and joyful heart.

Truly, a person’s life lasts for a moment, so live and do what you want. It’s stupid to live in this dream-like world, face trouble every day, and do only what you don’t like.


Doing what you want doesn’t mean enjoying yourself, having fun, traveling, or anything like that. To do what you want is to set your inner nature in motion by reflecting it from the outside. To embody your inner world in the outer, to do what comes from the heart. To improve in what everything inside calls for, regardless of external circumstances.

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For those who have no doubts or uncertainty about this path – all you need is to determine the necessary conditions for achieving the goal, devote your life to it and follow it to the end or to victory. The whole path should bring you to the goal, just as the point of a sword narrows to a single point – the point of your triumph, the point at which all your efforts led to the zenith of the skill that made it possible to emerge victorious.

Peaceful warrior – victory over yourself

Of course, the warrior’s path does not always involve war, extreme situations, or danger. In our time, when most of the time we are in peace, it is important to find a peaceful use for our nature. With the same dedication, with the same victories and defeats, with the same conditions. For example, having achieved success in something-you can train other people, unite them and direct their efforts to a good cause. You can give your skills and abilities to the common good, changing people’s lives. There are examples when a decent attitude and leadership over a young man, whose life could turn into the life of a criminal, changed his life and made him a great man.

The main sphere of the warrior’s path is always the inner life, having the ability to defeat yourself-opens up the opportunity to defeat others. Victory over oneself is the overcoming of one’s bad inclinations, which are a source of misery for others and for the person himself. At the same time, the victory over oneself is also the acquisition of virtuous qualities, which, in turn, bring happiness to the person himself and others. These qualities include:

  • honesty
  • generosity
  • restraint
  • benevolence the
  • ability to forgive
  • responsibility
  • the desire and desire to help others in their troubles the
  • desire to protect the weak

If the path of the warrior is not yet clear, and the goal is not visible – you should prepare yourself for this campaign by acquiring the necessary qualities and abilities. Just as the necessary equipment, tools and supplies are prepared for the campaign. Without the necessary qualities, the path will be unbearable, if not impossible. Victory over yourself in any business, starting with the rejection of bad habits, to a complete, radical change in life for the better, is a sign of inner strength and readiness to go forward. Perhaps it is with these steps that the great journey will begin. And it is important to understand that the path of a warrior is not an excuse for committing crimes, misdemeanors, or causing unjustified harm to others. First of all, you should always remain Human.

If the warrior’s path is not yet so obvious, you should look for it, honing your skills, acquiring qualities and learning the versatility of life in its various manifestations. It should be approached not with the weight of a burden, but with the enthusiasm inherent in a person who, in the performance of duty, finds inner dignity. In this case, the path will be successful and the goal will soon be found.

It is important for a warrior to be the right example, as success will inevitably lead to imitation, and this is another important reason for improving his temper. If the path is obvious, then you should put aside any doubts and act. In an either-or situation, you should always choose to follow the path, even if it may imply the worst outcome. Everything in life can be corrected, but defeat, shame or betrayal of oneself cannot be forgotten.

In peacetime, it is obvious that a warrior must both hone his skills and prepare for the path, and also benefit others, fulfill his duty and set the right example to others, inspiring them to follow their path. This behavior will justify all the rewards that the warrior will receive and leave a worthy legacy that will be able to affect the lives of many.

The way of the warrior is, oddly enough, the way of the warrior. That is, for any other person, it is not suitable, it is impossible to imitate it, and only a suitable person can follow it. Whether it is the fulfillment of duty in military service, achievements in sports, saving people from an extreme situation, or the path of justice and benefit-any path of a warrior implies sacrifice for him. And the sacrifice shown in the desire to win and willpower is the first thing that precedes victory.

The warrior’s path should not be approached as an occupation in your spare time, it should be a matter of life, a way of life, the meaning of life. This is a global question and the answer to it will determine success or failure both on this path and in life in general. To achieve victory, you should leave doubts and put a lot of effort, diligently devoting yourself to your goal. For happiness is acquired by labor. Good luck.