Not every person is special, but every person is unique

Is everyone special and unique?

Each person is faced with the evidence of their own uniqueness and even the peculiarities of the situation and the life that they live. It may be more pronounced or less, more explicit or more subtle, but each person accepts himself as something special. Based on his perception, a special and unique person is cut off from the world in view of the lack of understanding and uniqueness of his problem, which only he can solve.

Such a vision in each person creates some dissonances with society as a whole, in which everyone considers himself unique and special, although they are part of the whole society. Is every person unique, or are all people the same? This question requires an answer to determine the place of a person in society, as well as how each person should look at the circumstances of his life and his own personality.

Uniqueness – the inner picture of a person

The uniqueness of each person lies in the variety of qualities, worldviews and roles that they occupy, as well as the choices that they make. The totality of qualities in each person and how they manifest themselves is a unique picture, the full correspondence of which is incredibly difficult to meet. Rarely do two people have the same worldview and most often, even like-minded people find differences in their views, so the perception of life is also part of the individual. The roles of each person in society also differ from person to person, because a person can occupy different roles in different circles of communication.

This all forms the uniqueness or individuality of the human personality, which forms a certain picture of the inner world of a person. Based on this whole picture, a person is predetermined in the choice of certain actions. In other words, the choice of each person is predetermined by the qualities inherent in it. Although everyone has a space for choice, it is depending on the internal structure of the human psyche and its qualities that he will make certain decisions.

Qualities have a key role in influencing a person’s choices, actions, and behavior, as they push and incline them to choose a certain action. For example, the behavior of a proud person in various circumstances is quite predictable – aggression occurs in the case of criticism, and in the case of support for his ideas, he becomes more generous. However, the problem is that it is impossible to judge a person unambiguously by a certain quality, because each quality is only a detail of the overall picture. If we focus on just one quality, good or bad, we risk missing out on other, more key and important details.

Special vs Unique

The set of qualities, worldview and experience of a person forms his actions. The way a person thinks determines how he will act. In this, people are not unique, and a rare person is able to really overcome himself and act differently. However, the uniqueness of the set of qualities, experience, judgments, thoughts and worldview, as well as the perception of oneself, is obvious. The inner world of society will be like a huge gallery, in which there are many different paintings of each person, which make up the whole society.

In this case, you can call each picture unique, because they are different from each other, and the more you look at each picture, the more obvious the difference between them becomes. However, the paintings standing in a row can not be called special, all of them are equalized by an equal position in this gallery. Some pictures will be framed in richer frames, some in less, but now we are talking about the inner world of a person and the definition of his uniqueness and who is special. And we can not say that the external circumstances of life somehow predetermine the inner world of a person. It’s like a frame, but if you look at the frame, you can’t see the picture.

If uniqueness is simply the fact of recognizing the difference between one person and another, which is quite obvious, then peculiarity is what clearly distinguishes a person from the surrounding society, what determines him as an outstanding person. Here it is quite difficult to unambiguously describe the exact formula for calculating a special person, but you can understand the mechanism of this definition.

In the inner world of a person, in fact, there are not so many variables that determine his essence. This is mainly his mind, mind, ego, experience, knowledge, qualities, worldview and actions performed by him. Based on these qualities, you can judge whether a person is special or not. However, even if it turns out that a person is not special, it does not cease to be a unique person.

A person becomes special based on the achievement of a certain stage in his inner life, as well as the actions performed. By reaching a certain level of development, a person achieves excellence in any quality or field of activity. Achieving high skill in any craft-a person becomes special. He also becomes special when he reaches the top in the manifestation of his qualities. In other words, an exceptionally determined and brave person can be considered special, unlike a person who has courage, but it is poorly developed in him.

It is very important to understand that the qualities of a person can be directed not only in the good direction, being virtues, but can also manifest themselves as bad actions. A serial killer is also a special person, but with a minus sign. Someone who has saved many lives is a special person with a plus sign. To this thought, we can recall a resident of ancient Greek Ephesus, who set fire to the temple of Artemis, for the sake of perpetuating his name. His act can be called rather negative, but at the same time special, different from others in its measure and in the degree of its manifestation.

The peculiarity of a person is not an external trait and therefore it cannot be achieved simply by changing the appearance or acquiring some other manner of behavior. Special is a distinctive trait that results from the development of qualities that are significantly superior to those of other people. It is also acquired by performing certain actions, whether they are feats and good deeds or crimes. Great experience or great knowledge in any field also makes a person special. But in fact, special is the result of a natural desire to develop your potential, implement plans and live as your heart tells you to.

However, many people consider themselves truly special, and the very fact of such a perception of themselves is not something bad, since it is characteristic of each person precisely in order to define their ” I ” and distinguish themselves from others. But this becomes a problem when a person begins to believe that his problems, actions, life and abilities are special, when this does not correspond to reality. In this case, a person is faced with a reality in which, on the one hand, he does not have outstanding qualities, experience and skills, and on the other hand, he refuses to recognize this and continues to act on the basis of his vision. This often leads to an unfavorable end.

In everyday terms, the idea of a particular person is often found when a person considers their problems to be something special and detached from the world. He believes that his situation has never happened, that no one has suffered as much as he has, and that the difficulties he faces are not faced by anyone else. In fact, all people’s problems are the same: desires and fears. Someone wants love and does not get it, and someone is afraid of poverty, which is rapidly approaching. But it is worth understanding that these same problems are met not only by every modern person, but also by people in the past who also wanted to eat, sleep, have fun and, in general, live without fear of what will happen to them the next day.

For a real solution to the problem, it is necessary to recognize that this is a common problem and it is solved methodically based on the experience and examples of other people. As long as a person is fixated on his own ideas about the peculiarities of his life and problems, he will not be able to use the experience and knowledge of other people, risking to try to invent the wheel until the most critical moment. The wheel of such a person is square and for some reason does not roll, but instead of starting to act differently, the person simply tries to perform the same actions, in the hope of changes. A person can not hope for changes if he simply changes the scale of his affairs without performing other actions, because the very fact that a person has a problem suggests that his own forces can not solve this problem.

Although it seems that this problem applies to everyone and does not cause any harm to others, it is this problem that calls into question the development of society. After all, if every person who does not have knowledge and experience will strive to live on the basis of their little knowledge, then they will always come to the wrong decisions. The lack of continuity in society, which could give people knowledge and experience, connect them and improve their lives, creates a society in which everyone knows everything about everything, being unable to solve their own everyday problems and problems in their relationships.

The desire to be special stops a person from gaining the ability to solve their own problems. By focusing on yourself, a person who is not able to solve their problems on their own, runs the risk of being left in a vicious cycle of events that will only drag them deeper into the abyss of their own problems. And although the reasons for this behavior may be many, but to solve the problem, it is worth showing tolerance and humility, and then start learning from others. Often we have the opportunity to learn something from our friends or family, but we refuse it, even when we need it. Wise people say to learn even from enemies.

The desire to be a special person is an indicator of the absence of this trait, since a truly special person has such a rich inner life in which his own peculiarity is not perceived as something unusual. Just as a well-fed person does not seek to enjoy food, so a special person does not seek to enjoy his own peculiarity. At the same time, a person who is not different from others in this sense, will strive to emphasize this by all means, thereby proving the lack of this quality.

Is each person special or unique?

Everyone is unique, but not everyone is special. Since uniqueness is a natural, innate quality of each person, which manifests itself in many things, but the peculiarity is something that a person must acquire in the course of his life through his work and actions. Uniqueness and peculiarity are a matter of pride for a person who does not feel them inside himself, but for a person who is aware and feels these features, they are not something unusual. The desire to imitate these traits does not allow a person to truly possess them, and therefore the way to them lies through the rejection of them and the recognition of their insolvency. After all, admitting your mistake is the first step on the way to correction.