Warrior’s purpose – fighting. What does it mean to be a warrior?

Warrior’s purpose

The word kshatriya (warrior) itself consists of two words: kshat and trayate. Kshat is “harm” and trayate is “liberation”. Thus, the word warrior carries the meaning of the liberator from danger, harm and all sorts of attacks, whether it is war or cataclysm. The warrior’s purpose is to protect weaker people from all kinds of dangers with the help of their strength and intelligence.

A warrior must fight for justice and try to adhere to a specific set of rules so as not to harm those whom he protects.

Heroism, power, determination, resourcefulness, courage in battle, generosity, and leadership are the qualities of work for the ksatriyas.

Bhagavad-Gita. 18.43

Born to be a warrior

A warrior (kshatriya) is the congenital nature of personality. Warrior can not be one who is not a warrior and it can not be faked. Either you are a warrior by nature, or you are not a warrior. Having assumed the warrior’s way, a person who does not have the nature of a warrior, is likely to break on it.

People who born with the warrior’s purpose often differ from their peers by physical indicators, have good health, increased activity, high intelligence and often aggressiveness if the energy is not directed in the right direction.

For a warrior, superiority, power, strength and respect are in the first place in outer life. The warrior is committed to these indicators. The desire to be in the first place can result in both exploits and heroism, as well as crimes, depending on how such a person was raised.

The strengths of such a person are justice, dignity, firmness, endurance, dedication and courage. They also have increased physical activity, because they can not without physical exertion. They also differ in independence, straightness, resistance to stress and willpower – these are neutral qualities that can both help and hinder a soldier on the way, depending on the direction that such a person has chosen.

Negative qualities of such people are pride, aggressiveness, rudeness and exactingness. Such qualities are often found in people with the nature of a warrior, but they should be offset by good education and work on themselves.

Warrior’s qualities

Valor and courage.

In wartime, the use of this quality is obvious. But even in peacetime, courage and valor are necessary for the performance of duty and the restoration of justice. To protect their honor, to protect the weak, to defend their principles, prowess is necessary.

Strength and durability

Warrior lives differently than others. He sets big goals and achieves them, despite the severities. On the path of very high goals, durability is extremely important. On the way to the goal, we often encounter difficulties, look for workarounds, change roads, but warriors are used to overcoming difficulties, making the game from what ordinary people give up.


The most distinctive quality of a warrior is fearlessness. Often, due to the manifestation of this quality, they may seem unnecessarily independent or unattainable. After all, a person who is not afraid to look less humane. The feeling of fear is either not inherent in them, or is successfully overcome by their will. For them, there is simply no way to go back from a sense of fear — this is unacceptable for them.

Even being in the most unfavorable situation, the warrior will go further. He is not amenable to fear. Thus, a warrior can meet both a triumphant success and a dizzying fall. This comes from the inability to admit one’s own inconsistency.


Warriors are accustomed to rely in all matters on their own strength. Theory is replaced by practice, and knowledge is replaced by resourcefulness.

Warriors are accustomed to rely in all matters on their own strength. Theory is replaced by practice, and knowledge is replaced by resourcefulness. They are intellectual, but too direct and not flexible enough to act according to knowledge. For this reason, ingenuity is an innate tool that allows you to find ways that are invisible to others. Warriors are pioneers, researchers and leaders because of this quality.


The warrior’s generosity comes from his patronizing attitude toward others. From a sense of need to take responsibility and help others in case of trouble. The mind of a warrior allows him not to become attached to pleasures and to be magnanimous both to friends and to enemies. Than the warrior earns his fame and honor.

Warriors often occupy high positions in society, in companies and among people. Occupying high positions, having certain advantages, a warrior must learn generosity. Generosity for the warrior has several paramount values:

It makes him giving, which allows him to occupy a higher position in the eyes of others and earn the respect of society, which often helps in business;

Generosity teaches not to become attached to riches and not to amass them unnecessarily. If a warrior is attached to riches, then his path of a warrior ends and the path of a rich man begins, which will actually kill a warrior. Warrior can be rich. But his wealth serves his purposes, and not he serves his wealth.

A generous man has many friends and few enemies. Allies for the warrior is an important indicator that his path is not only successful for him, but also useful to those around him.


Often a warrior suffers hardship, as his way is difficult. This is not a path that implies quiet, comfort and stability. Today, a warrior can rule the kingdom, and yesterday he wandered through the mountains.

So the ability to endure hardships, to be able to endure feelings of hunger and thirst, resistance to heat and cold are necessary qualities for a warrior. Asceticism is not only the ability to endure inconvenience, but also the limitation of oneself in what prevents one from moving towards the goal.


This quality is more commonly referred to as “compassion,” but mercy has a more positive meaning. Compassionate, you can be to weak and defeated enemies, but merciful to all. The strength of a warrior gives him the opportunity not only to make his life successful, but also to improve society a lot and make happier other people.

Merciful conquers the hearts of others and this allows people to lead. If a warrior is cruel, it will be hard for him to follow the path, because often the path lies in defeating other people without resorting to violence. The ultimate victory is a victory without a fight, wrapping the enemy in a friend, which cannot be done without mercy.

Cheerfulness and susceptibility to despondency

When difficulties are overtaken by a warrior, he not only remains calm, he goes to meet them. After this, the difficulties already begin to be afraid of the warrior and run away from him. With ordinary people, the opposite is true – they run away from problems, and problems run after them.

A warrior should not only be able to overcome difficulties, but also do it cheerfully and absolutely not be susceptible to such types of despondency as: regret, grief, doubts, fears, apathy, laziness. In this way, a warrior overcomes difficulties and sets an example for others how to live. Legendary warriors teach by example how to live.


Or principled. Honesty allows you to be fair and clean from lies. Lying to a warrior means that he cannot defeat something and he has to resort to lies. But a lie always does a disservice. In the beginning she gives, and then takes her whole life.

A warrior is always free from lies, due to the fact that he is not afraid to be himself and does not commit acts that he would have to hide. Such honesty in front of themselves and others gives the ability not to become entangled in oneself and to be as free as possible.

The warrior is reasonable , but it is very important for him to listen to the opinion of wiser people. By accepting their help and assisting them, he will be able to quickly overcome obstacles in an honest way – through cooperation.

Because a wise adviser was with any successful king, and often great warriors turned to the wise men for advice, where they gained the necessary support.

The main thing is that pride and excessive own authority should not prevent the warrior from missing a worthy person. Due to the case of extreme pride, many have lost the ability and strength to fulfill the warrior’s purpose.

Warrior’s soul flourishes in battle

The first thing a warrior must do is fight. In peacetime – a peaceful battle. An undeveloped warrior must fight for development, a developed warrior must fight for the idea, justice, or protection of the weak and unprotected people.

If a warrior fights with dignity – he achieves all goals, but if he sets himself petty, small goals – he becomes an ordinary person. The harder the challenge for a warrior, the more enthusiastic the awakening of the challenge. The bigger the beast – the greater the glory. The challenge must be worthy and be a blessing to all.

If a warrior simply sets a goal to harm someone, this is the path of the criminal, not the warrior. A warrior can achieve any goals, both peacefully and by force, but experienced warriors know that the best victory is victory without a fight.

The duty of a warrior in battle and this battle must be worthy. The battle against injustice, the battle against evil and the violation of the present order, as well as that which violates the safety of people. This is his mission.

Warriors are excellent in high government positions, the posts of rulers, military and other responsible positions, from where they have the tools and power to set high ideals and justice through strict control.

With power and qualities, a warrior can change the world. And it is better that he has a high goal that ignites his soul and makes him get up early in the morning and go on his way. Only such a life can make a warrior happy and contented.

Otherwise, it will fade, and the warrior’s purpose will remain for him something distant and unimportant that we make a person with such a character unhappy.

The warrior’s purpose is to protect from danger, primarily from the danger that a warrior himself can cause.

A warrior is a congenital type of people, but this does not mean superiority from birth. The warrior’s purpose obliges him to discharge his duty resolutely and energetically. Having defined his duty, having set himself a goal and having developed the necessary qualities in himself, the soldier should achieve the goal.

There is no chance of losing a warrior who has all the qualities, has a decent environment and sincerely seeks to improve the world, being ready for various difficulties. A warrior must fight – it is his duty, and without battle the warrior dies even before the battle. There is always a place for battle, you just need to find it.